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Make it sound great, make it simple, make it beautiful.



Every Peachtree Audio amplifier is born from this simple design philosophy: Make it sound great. Make it simple. Make it beautiful. Peachtree’s series of nova integrated amplifiers provide a special listening experience, regardless of the input source or listening method.



[INTERVIEW] Peachtree Audio CEO - Andrew Clark

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-First of all, I wonder what kind of music you enjoyed when you were young.

AC: It's the music that I've heard growing up. It's mainly concentrated in the 1970s and 90s. I watched a lot of live performances. Personally, I like U2 the most. I've known him since his debut, and I think I've grown with the band's growth. Other than that, I enjoy Pink Floyd, Red Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and listen to other genres of music.

-What made you interested in audio?

AC: I've been listening to music since I was a kid, and I've been wanting to listen to it in a good tone. I was interested in car audio as well as home audio. Then I went deeper into the technology of audio, the physics of sound intervention, the process of recording, and the quality of playing sound.

-How did you get into the audio industry?

AC: There just happened to be a branch of Harman International nearby. I applied for a job advertisement, but fortunately, I passed. I met a lot of consumers here, consulted, and consulted, and had a rich experience that money really couldn't buy. On the other hand, I also encountered a lot of techniques and theories related to recording. I think the deeper you understand this, the deeper you can dig into the audio.

-Is there any special reason why you run Peachtree Audio?

AC: I thought streaming audio would be a big step forward. I thought there was a new format that could change the audio industry. But the industry itself was just following the old customs. I saw great potential in Peachtree. I thought that combining computer, streaming, and high-performance audio would create a significant synergy effect.

-What are the advantages of Peachtree Audio?

AC: You can enjoy good sound quality at an affordable price. We propose a smart way to improve sound quality. To solve the problem, the high-end audio side is just a money-spilling style. We don't like that way.

-I see.

AC: Of course, we're looking for sound quality first. I think it's the basis of audio. Surprisingly, there are many companies that overlook this part. There should also be visual satisfaction. That's why we're doing a special two-week finish. Finally, I think from a consumer's point of view. It should be economical and reasonable in terms of ownership and operation.

-How many people are currently working in Peachtree?

AC: About a dozen people work at the headquarters. It is mainly focused on consumer management. Even if the AS of the first model you produced is finished. In addition, considering the people who work at that time and the outsourcing staff, a lot more people are working.


▲ Peach Tree GaN400 Power Amplifier

What kind of vision do you have?

AC: In terms of technology, we focus on streaming audio and GaN. The former is well known, so let me explain the latter. This means the "Gallium Nitride" FET element. The existing FET bozo has much better performance. As a result, the quality of the appreciation will be improved to the fullest. In addition, I am researching various technologies such as DSP and Wireless.

-Is there anything I should be careful about when matching speakers?

AC: We advocate neutral sound as much as possible. Therefore, it can be matched in a way that brings out the individuality of the speaker. In other words, there's no particular speaker to hide. It is also designed to operate in a quiet manner even if there is a large amount of current, so noise suppression has its advantages. Finally, you can use it with confidence in terms of speaker drive.

-Do you have any special music for testing?

AC: I play a variety of music when I do fine tuning. At the same time, we also study how to suppress noise or increase the user's interface. Basically, it's based on the principle of "Don't do any harm."

Is there a special listening room in the headquarters?

AC: We make and operate several. However, it was not handled as dead. Considering the situation when lovers listen to it at home, we did that kind of interior design and decoration.

-I wonder what speaker you usually use.

AC: I'm focusing on a popular brand of speakers. We need to focus on products that use a lot of ordinary people. We mainly use products such as B&W, Clipsh, KEF, Elac, SVS, etc.

I understand. There was a lot of useful information for those who are interested in or will use Peachtree's products in the future. Thank you.

AC: Thank you.






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