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For the development of our products we can fall back on a wealth of experience gathered in 25 years of building loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital sources. At LINDEMANN new products are created by means of the most advanced design tools and measuring methods. In doing so we use, of course, the latest and best technologies on the market. Yet the sonic outcome is always of prime importance; our ears are the key measuring instrument!


A careful optimization of all circuit details and a target-oriented selection of top-grade parts build the basis for every genuine high-end product. It takes a lot of meticulous work here to understand all sound influences and optimize the result accordingly. On the highest level real progress in sound quality can only happen through a deep insight into the correlations and a consistent implementation in the circuit design.


Our products are developed by a passionate and experienced team of engineers in Germany and made exclusively by ISO-certified firms all over Europe to meet the high quality demands of our customers. Prior to packaging and shipping, every single device is put to a thorough final inspection.


But above all stands the passion for music and well-engineered technology. Only when merged this way the result are products that are entirely convincing.


Albert Einstein once said:


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."


With this aphorism he hit the nail on its head.











25 years of Lindemann. Looking back it’s been a crazy time, but also a good time from the early beginnings in the 1990s to the technology-oriented devices of the present. Our common thread, which we’ve never lost, has always been cutting-edge circuitry ideas, the latest production methods and an openness towards new trends and technologies. The first amplifier with ultra fast current feedback in 1993, the first CD player with re-sampling in 1999, the first German SACD player in 2001 … just to mention a few examples. Many of these products still perform nicely at the homes of enthusiastic customers.



This year LINDEMANN celebrates their 25th anniversary! On this occasion the company is going to present a lot of new products such as the refreshingly young Limetree series which promises top-notch technology at an affordable price (among them are a phono preamp, a headphone amp, a USB-DAC, a network player and a streaming bridge).
Complementing its previous version, the musicbook: DSD for the first time offers resampling of all digital source data in DSD (1-bit conversion) - and thus becomes the most successful LINDEMANN product ever until today. Moreover, the series is upgraded under further essential aspects like e.g. with an all new streaming platform, a Bluetooth APTX module as well as a USB Audio port up to 384 kHz and DSD 256.
With the smart musicbook: series Lindemann is breaking new ground, putting network audio into the limelight of the company policy. Beside matching power amplifiers, the compact, top-class digital sources with their built-in preamp are also fitted with an optional CD drive. Even visually the device, which is milled from solid aluminum, constitutes a real highlight: "I have to say that I cannot recall ever seeing a more beautiful hi-fi component." Hugh Douglas / Australian HiFi
In the amplifier sector LINDEMANN also keeps muscling in in the front line: for the first time the 885 Integrated Power Amplifier features the „single-ended push-pull“ circuit design in a fully balanced solid-state amp.
LINDEMANN extends his competence in the field of computer audio with two new products: the USB-DAC 24/192 is a superb digital/analog converter which reaps, not without reason, the test win in the American "THE ABSOLUTE SOUND" review. The 825 High Definition Disc Player also uses the custom-developed XMOS board and is therefore the first CD player ever to offer a USB interface in the “asynchronous mode“ up to 24 bit/192 kHz.
LINDEMANN makes computer audio another focus of his product development. The USB-DDC is the first Lindemann product to allow a PC or MAC to be linked with an existing hi-fi system – and as usual on the highest level of sound quality.
At the High End 2005 LINDEMANN surprises the visitors once more with excellent amplifier electronics. Owing to its radically new design concept for analog power amps, the 850 Dual Mono Power Amplifier speaks a plain language. The equally brand new preamp, the 830 Stereo Control Amplifier, combines uncompromising sound quality with great operating convenience and is another highlight of the new 800 series.
With the introduction of the 820 SUPER AUDIO CD PLAYER in August 2004, LINDEMANN topped his D680 again and once more confirmed his position as a maker of superb digital sources. Until today the 820, just like its revised version 820S, enjoys a reference status with CD and SACD connoisseurs worldwide.
The new loudspeaker range with the B60 & B90 models is enthusiastically welcomed by the press and the customers alike. Just like the electronics, the LINDEMANN speakers excel themselves by a remarkably natural, dynamic and almost uncolored reproduction.
The SUPER AUDIO CD was another early target of interest for LINDEMANN. Thanks to the successful cooperation with SONY, the company was able to present the first German SACD player. Owing to its outstanding SACD, CD and HDCD reproduction, the LINDEMANN D680 gained a place among the world’s best digital sources within a very short time.
LINDEMANN can achieve an impressive revaluation of the CD format by means of a specifically developed re-sampling process called HiDRA® which he first uses in the CD1 SE and then in the D680. In both cases LINDEMANN earns important global recognition.
With their CD1 LINDEMANN was one of the first makers worldwide to present a CD player with upsampling technology. Owing to its “analog“ sound image the CD1 revolutionized the market for audiophile CD players – an achievement which the German "STEREO" review acknowledged by expanding their test field to 5 stars. This exceptional player – later in the refined SE version – obtained broad approval and became the top-selling LINDEMANN product to date.
The first breakthrough in a field of international competitors came with the AMP4’s test win in the "AUDIO" review where it was honored with 100 points as the first integrated amplifier ever: “Musically it is more attractive than any other in this price category“. Since then the AMP4 has made a lot of friends and could stand its ground at the very front in the audiophile integrated amplifiers market for many years.
Industry insiders will remember: already the first product from LINDEMANN, the AMP1 integrated amplifier, made itself a name with the surprising test win in "STEREO". Likewise the follow-up models AMP2 and AMP3 met with a growing interest from both music lovers and the trade press.



Our Products






With the smart musicbook series you’ll get everything from a single source: classic CD playback, USB audio and streaming via smartphone or tablet, analog preamps and matching power amps. To suit your requirements. And everything at its finest, of course. Discover the new heart of your music system. Compact, smart and with an incredible sound quality.






The Limetree series has stepped up to re-define the term "entry-level class". Little gems with the technology of high-end jumbos. Whether phono, headphone or network player, each device sets new benchmarks in its class. We love good technology and good sound. And we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary with you!





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